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Current Version

      PixaFlux 2019 12 23 - Release History

       Important: Read Carefully: End User License Agreement

New Features

New Nodes

Previous Version

      PixaFlux 2019 11 01 - Release History

       Important: Read Carefully: End User License Agreement

This PixaFlux release introduces major features that more clearly define it as a materials and texture image composer. Some other features have been removed to speed up many node operations and simplify the compatibility between nodes.

New Features

New Nodes

Deprecated Features

Please be advised that PixaFlux 2019 11 01 introduces significant changes that make some projects from older versions incompatible with newer versions. We have tried to minimize the impact when loading older projects but in some cases you'll find missing nodes, missing connections or missing attribute values.
Please read the Deprecation 2019 11 01 wiki page for more information.

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Software Principles

PixaFlux Software Principles guarantee our users rights when installing this software:

* Transparent Installation: PixaFlux will only be installed in the user computer only when the user accepts to install it. PixaFlux doesn't install itself without user consent.

* Upfront Disclosure: PixaFlux informs the user about its functions.

* Simple Removal: PixaFlux can be easily removed from the computer by uninstalling the software. Once uninstalled, all files and pieces of PixaFlux software are removed from the user's computer.

* Clear Behaviour: PixaFlux Node-based editor provides a clear workflow where all the windows are integrated to optimize the user - project work interaction. No deceptive or unexpected behaviour is part of PixaFlux performance. PixaFlux doesn't send spam.

* No Data collection: PixaFlux doesn't collect or transmit any personal information.

* No bundled software or Third-party software is installed.

List of Files

The PixaFlux installer installs only the files required to run PixaFlux. It doesn't install adware, bloatware, malware or any other i_dont_know_what_this_does_ware.
This is the full list of files that the installer contains:

PixaFlux executable and dynamic libraries:

Visual Studio 2015 Redistributable for 64 bits

Boost Dyanmic Libraries

Qt Dyanmic Libraries

SceneEngine Dynamic Libraries

FreeImage Dynamic Libraries

Skia Graphics Libraries

CrashReporter executable, dynamic libraries and language file

Beta Testing

PixaFlux is currently in Beta Testing mode. Please download the latest version of PixaFlux and test it for bugs and issues.

If PixaFlux crashes, a crash report will be generated. Please submit the crash report. The crash report contains a datadump, the screenshot of PixaFlux and info about the installed version of PixaFlux. No source images or projects are sent with the crash report.

If you can reproduce the steps to crash PixaFlux please include them in the crash report