PixaFlux uses a new approach for image processing. Many features have not been completely developed to allow users to suggest workflows and functionality.
If you have suggestions about new nodes, functionality, workflow, user interface or design, please send us an email.

Beta Testing

PixaFlux is currently in Beta Testing mode. Please download the latest version of PixaFlux here and test it for bugs and issues.

If PixaFlux crashes, a crash report will be generated. Please submit the crash report. The crash report contains a datadump, the screenshot of PixaFlux and info about the installed version of PixaFlux. No source images or projects are sent with the crash report.

If you can reproduce the steps to crash PixaFlux please include them in the crash report


If you like PixaFlux please spread the workd about it. Do you know people interested in this kind of tool? Please tell them about it.