Resolution independent

PixaFlux's Compose nodes resize, crop, transform and flip images.

A photo being cropped and resized and then blended on top of the same photo without modication. The transform manipulator is visible in the image.

Color mode independent

The Convert nodes can change the color of an image to a different color mode, this way modifications and adjustments can be applied to an image in the most suitable color mode.

The original photo was taken in a cold afternoon of a cloudy winter day. The image is converted to LAB color mode and the Curves node brings it to live.

3D Texturing

The 3D texturing nodes add operations specific to normal maps, like convert to normal image, modify the angle of the normals, and blending and mixing of normal maps. The 3D Model node defines the models and textures displayed in the 3D Viewport.


The Create Nodes area allows to render Bezier splines, circles and rectangles with editable fill color and opacity, and stroke width, color and opacity, using the Curve Color node. Height images and normal images can be generated from the curve created.


The Paint node support painting tools like Draw, Erase, Clone, Heal, Smudge and Blur.

Image deformation

PixaFlux's Deform nodes includes nodes for deforming the image.

Non Destructive

PixaFlux never overwrites the input images. All modifications are applied to the images that flow through the node graph, and output images are saved to new files.


The behaviour of most nodes is defined by attributes and data. Changes in the attributes or data update the output image immediately.

Undo and Redo

When an attribute or data changes in a node, only that change is stored in the undo-redo stack. For example, if a constant node generates an 800x600 red image, and the color is changed to blue, only the 3 float values of the color are stored in the undo stack, not a 800x600 image.

Software Principles

PixaFlux Software Principles guarantee our users rights when installing this software:

* Transparent Installation: PixaFlux will only be installed in the user computer only when the user accepts to install it. PixaFlux doesn't install itself without user consent.

* Upfront Disclosure: PixaFlux informs the user about its functions.

* Simple Removal: PixaFlux can be easily removed from the computer by uninstalling the software. Once uninstalled, all files and pieces of PixaFlux software are removed from the user's computer.

* Clear Behaviour: PixaFlux Node-based editor provides a clear workflow where all the windows are integrated to optimize the user - project work interaction. No deceptive or unexpected behaviour is part of PixaFlux performance. PixaFlux doesn't send spam.

* No Data collection: PixaFlux doesn't collect or transmit any personal information.

* No bundled software or Third-party software is installed: The PixaFlux installer installs only the files required to run PixaFlux. It doesn't install adware, bloatware, malware or any other i_dont_know_what_this_does_ware. More information about the files the the installer contains can be found in the download page.