Curve Color node

Left Toolbar > Create icon Create Nodes > Curve Color icon Curve Color node

The Curve Color node takes as input Curves and adds a fill color and a stroke color to them.

input In0 Curve

output In2 Img Image with a grow filter of 5 x 5 pixels.


To add color to curves:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Create Nodes > Curve Color. Create icon > Curve Color icon

  2. Drag the Curve Color icon into the Node Graph.

    Shapes node

  3. Connect a curve value to the curve input.


curve Curve.


image An image with the colored curve.

Attributes Panel

Shapes attributes


Color Defines the background color and opacity.

Fill Defines the fill color and opacity.

Stroke Defines the stroke color and opacity.

Width Defines the width of the stroke.

Enlarge Enlarges the image around the bounding box of the curves.

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