Blur node

Left Toolbar > Filter icon Filter Nodes > Blur icon Blur node

The Blur node applies a blur filter to the input image.

In0 image

Out0 image Image with a seamless blur filter of 20.0 x 20.0 pixels.


To Blur an image:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Filter Nodes > Blur. Filter icon > Bluricon

  2. Drag the Blur icon into the Node Graph.

    Filter node

  3. Connect the output of an image node into the image input in the Blur node.

  4. Adjust the attributes of the Blur node to modify the output image.


The Image to be blurred.


The blurred image.

Attributes Panel

Blur attributes

Type of blur applied by the node. Gaussian: Applies a Gaussian blur filter. Box: Applies a box blur filter.

Radius X
The radius of the blur in X.

Radius Y
The radius of the blur in Y.

Boundary conditions for the filter. clamp: The filter is constrained to the image. grow: The node resizes the image with a transparent border to smooth the edges. seamless: The filter wraps around the edges to generate a seamless tileable image.

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