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The Reader node reads an image from disk. If the bitmap has an alpha channel, the image color mode is set to RGBA, otherwise it is set to RGB.

Out image


To add a bitmap image to the project:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Generate Nodes > Reader. Compose icon > Reframe icon

  2. Drag the Reader icon into the Node Graph.

    Reader node

  3. Load an image using the Open File window.


The image generated from the bitmap.

Attributes Panel


Opens the Select Bitmap Image File window that allows you to select a bitmap. Right clicking the label displays a context menu with more options: Clear: Clears the path.

Reloads the image from disk. If the path is not set or if the parent directory doesn't exist, it displays an error message.

Sets the position of the image.

Sets the pivot values of the image.

Combo box that sets the pixel format of the image. rgba: The image is read as an RGBA image. normal: The image is read a NORMAL image. value: The image is read as a VALUE image (0.0 - 1.0).


Click here to watch How to add a Reader Node to your project.


  1. Click Generate Nodes button Generate.png on the left toolbar.

    Reader Node Left Menu Detail

  2. Drag and drop the Reader Node PixaFlux Generate Reader to Graph Viewport.

  3. In Reader Attributes click the File button and select a file from the Select Bitmap Image File window. The image will be displayed in the Image Viewport.

    PixaFlux Bitmap Image

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