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Left Toolbar > Generate.png Generate Nodes > Pixaflux generate Checker Revolve

The Revolve node generates a height, normal, and mask set of images of a surface of revolution shape.

Add Text height Add Text normal Add Text mask


To create the surface of revolution shape images:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Generator Nodes > Revolve. Generate.png > PixaFlux Generate Revolve

  2. Drag the Revolve icon into the Node Graph.


  3. Adjust the attributes of the Revolve node to modify the shape of the surface of revolution.


The surface of revolution height image. normal
The surface of revolution normal image mask
The surface of revolution mask image

Attributes Panel

 PixaFlux Generate Revolve  Attributes

Default values X:0, Y:0.

Width Default: 800 px. Height Default: 600 px. Drag marquee at corners to change its size, or type values.

Relative gap between the borders of the image and the revolve.

If checked, the surface of revolution is circular. If unchecked, the surface of revolution fills all the available area.

In radius
Inner radius of the surface of revolution.

Out Profile
Profile of the outer side of the surface: linear. flat sides. smooth. smooth sides. arcout. rounded out sides. arcin. rounded in sides.

In Profile
Profile of the inner side of the surface: linear. Flat sides. smooth. Smooth sides. arcout. Rounded out sides. arcin. Rounded in sides.

Relative position of the surface of revolution cap.

Relative depth of the hole.

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