Stamp node

Left Toolbar > Layout icon Layout Nodes > Stamp Stamp icon

The Stamp node takes one or more images and clone them to different locations using transforms.

output Stamp Img


To stamp an image:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Layout Nodes > Stamp. Layout icon > Stamp icon

  2. Drag the Stamp icon into the Node Graph.

    Stamp node

  3. Connect the oputput of the image to be cloned into the Img input in the Stamp node.

  4. In the Stamp Attributes, add the image to the Transforms list by clicking Add Stamp Transform

  5. Click Duplicate Stamp Transform to clone the image selected and manipulate it with the transform gizmo. Stamp transform gizmo


Img Image(s) to be cloned.


Img Cloned Image(s).

Attributes Panel

Stamp attributes


Transform List
The transform list shows all the images that have been stamped or cloned. Clicking an image in the list makes it the active image. The active image is displayed in bold font. The properties of the active image are displayed and edited in the Transform group.

Add Image Add Stamp Transform Add Image to the stamp list.

Clone Image Clone Stamp Transform Creates a clone from the selected image in the list.

Up Up Stamp Transform Moves the selected image up in the transform list.

Down Down Stamp Transform Moves the selected image down in the transform list.

Delete Delete Stamp Transform Delete the active image in the list.

Transform properties

The transform properties group displays the properties of the current image.

Name Name of the image.

Translate Translate X and Y pixels from source image.

Rotate Rotate around it's own axle.

scale Scale X an Y.

Reset Reset cloned image settings to the source ones.

Top Toolbar

The transform node adds a transform bar to the top toolbar panel when active. This top toolbar applies modifications to the active list image.

Transform Top Toolbar

Transform toolbar

Position Image's axis [X, Y]. Move Image [X, Y]. Rotate Image, reference axis. Resize Image Lenght, Height.


Click here to watch how to Clone and transform texture elements with the Stamp Node. Stamp

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