Value Subtract node

Left Toolbar > Value icon Value Nodes > Value Subtract icon Value Subtract node

The Value Subtract node subtracts to the values of imagea the values of imageb at each pixel.

In1 image_a VALUE image. Min: 0.0. Max 30.0.

In2 image_b VALUE image. Min: 0.0. Max 15.0.

Out image VALUE image. Min: 0.0. Max 45.0.


To apply a Value Subtract:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Value Nodes > Value Subtract. Value icon > Value Subtract icon

  2. Drag the Value Add icon into the Node Graph.

    Value Add node

  3. Adjust the attributes of the Value Subtract node.


A VALUE color mode image.

A VALUE color mode image.


image An image of VALUE color mode.

Attributes Panel

Value Add attributes

A constant value that is subtracted at every pixel.

Mask Min
If checked, the pixels with a value equal to the low value of the image are not subtracted.

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