Texture Clamp node

Left Toolbar > Texture icon Texture Nodes > Texture Clamp icon Texture Clamp node

The Texture Clamp node modifies the color of the input texture so that it is within the range defined by the lower and upper color and opacity values.

Tex Tex A procedural Billow texture.

In2 Tex The procedural Billow texture with a Texture Clamp.


To apply a Texture Clamp:

  1. On the left toolbar choose Texture Nodes > Texture Clamp. Textures icon > Texture Clamp icon

  2. Drag the Texture Clamp icon into the Node Graph.

    Texture Clamp node

  3. Adjust the attributes of the Texture Clamp node.


Procedural textures are not displayed in the Image Viewport. To preview procedural images use the Texture Preview window, and to convert them to raster images use the Render Texture node.


A procedural texture node.


A procedural texture.

Attributes Panel

Texture Clamp attributes

Lower Color
Defines the lower color value.

Lower Opacity
Defines the lower opacity value.

Upper Color
Defines the upper color value.

Upper Opacity
Defines the upper opacity value.