PixaFlux • Image Editing Evolved

NOVEMBER, 2014. We are thrilled to announce PixaFlux, a new kind of non-destructive image editor powered by a node graph engine. Download today the free beta version

OCTOBER, 2014. MAX Plugins.de in collaboration with Mankua Software has released the updated version of the popular 3ds MAX plugins PowerStamper, Stress and UVW Frame for 3ds Max 2012, 3ds Max 2013, 3ds Max 2014 and 3ds Max 2015.

NOVEMBER, 2011. Mankua's Texture Layers 2 and Kaldera are available for 3ds Max 12. Email us your plug-in serial ID and we'll send you back the updated version.

APRIL, 2011. Check this video about how to paint a 3D model with Stripes using 3D Paint, Projection Paint and Stencils here.

APRIL, 2011. Mankua's Stripes alpha latest release is ready to be downloaded here. Stripes is a suite of tools to support Ptex in 3dsmax.

MARCH, 2011. Stripes latest build will be available soon. It will provide Ptex support to 3ds Max and Maya as well. Interested in be part of the testing group? Obtain more info at Stripes

JAN, 2011. Stripes and the Ptex plug-ins Alpha latest release includes 8 bits per channel painting mode and Resize brush with mouse wheel. More info at Stripes

NOV, 2010. Mankua's Stripes alpha version is on beta testing now. Stripes is a new suite of tools to support Ptex in 3dsmax. Interested in beta testing or more info? visit this link: Stripes

BETA TESTING: STRIPES Stripes, a new suite of tools to support Ptex in 3dsmax is in alpha version. Ptex is a new and exciting mapping system developed by Disney Animation Studios to texturize objects. Ptex doesn't require UV assignments, it applies a separate image to each face of a polygon mesh.
More info visit STRIPES