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SceneEngine is an Open Source platform independent 3D Production solution built on top of an easy to use object oriented c++ SDK, the SceneEngine libraries. File input and output, mesh creation and deformation, rendering and texture baking are just some of the features implemented by the SceneEngine SDK. The project includes import and export plug-ins for 3dsmax and Maya; a Lua interpreter to do script processing scenes, including rendering and texture baking; and an OpenGL scene viewer and editor. SceneEngine SDK can be used to create applications with full 3D Production support, or to extend existing applications. SceneEngine aims to be a complete solution for building efficient 3D production pipelines with total freedom.

SceneEngine is composed of three different parts:

The SceneEngine SDK :

A C++ set of libraries that allow you to create, open, modify, render, save, etc. 3D scenes. If you are familiar with Maya or 3dsmax, then SceneEngine SDK can be seen as the MaxSDK or Maya API.

This library is Object Oriented and Plugin ready.. meaning, you can create your own plug-ins... Objects, Modifiers, Textures, Materials, etc. are all implemented in SceneEngine following object oriented plugin architecture.

You can use SceneEngine you create your own 3D applications, like a tool to generate Ambient Occlusion maps, or Texture Baking, or an object oriented 3D application.

Lua scripting :

Not everybody does C++, and implementing a C++ project is not always what you want for some projects. For this reason SceneEngine has a Lua scripting library compatible with lua5.1. This tool lets you create TriMeshes, PolyMeshes, Materials, Textures, Modifiers, etc. In the 3dsmax and Maya context, this Lua scripting tool is like MaxScript or MEL... but compatible with all Lua libraries!

The Tools :

These are tools developed with the SceneEngine libraries. The two most important tools at the moment are the 3dsmax and Maya import and export plugins. This tools make SceneEngine comparable also with FBX or Collada, but they go a bit further... being an open source project you can expand the plugins to include the things you need, or your own custom plugins!

With these tools you can export your scenes and do batch processing on them using either a ScEng application or a ScEng Lua script.

Raytracing and Texture Baking : This is more like an internal testing tool than a real production RayTracer, but you might still find this tool useful in your own projects...