User's Guide : Bake a Ptex file

The Ptex Tools utility offers a small but powerful bake tool. This bake tool can bake any 3ds Max texture tree into a Ptex file.

Select the Kayak object.

In the Bake group click the Texture button. In the Material/Map Browser select Mtl Editor in Browse From, and select the NoiseGreenCyan texture from the list.

If kayak.ptx is not already set as the Ptex file to bake to click the Select Ptex File button and select the kayak.ptx.

Click the Bake button. This renders the texture, saving all colors to the selected Ptex file.

The Baking can be applied to a Quad PolyMesh object with a MeshSmooth modifier. This options is very useful to get better quality Ptex files when baking Procedural Textures.

It's possible to bake textures that use the Ptex Auto UV channel. The Ptex Tool will automatically search for an empty UV slot and apply the Ptex uv to that mapping channel. After the baking is finished, the mapping channel will be set back to it's original value.

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