User's Guide : Stripes

Stripes is a 3D Texture Painting application with support for Ptex files.

Current Features

  • Painting of the Diffuse channel
Painting Tools
  • Multiple Layers
  • 3D Painting Mode.
  • Projection Painting Mode.
  • Painting tools: Draw, Erase, Blur, Smudge.
  • Painting with Masks.
  • Painting with Patterns.
  • Painting with Stencils.
Ptex Support
  • Support for 8 bit integer and 32 bit float images.
  • Ptex incremental save.
  • Ptex increase and decrease resolution.

Future Features

  • Paint Specular channel.
  • Paint Normals channel.
Ptex Support
  • Fix Ptex files and transfer texture information between different Ptex files.
  • Bake elevation and displacement maps.
  • Support for 16 bit integer and 16 bit float images.

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