Axis Three

Mankua Software has been part of the Axis Three development team for more than 4 years now.

Axis Three is the only company offering science based 3D simulation tools for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Using actual clinical data to enhance physics based tissue typing, the TBS™ (Tissue Behavior Simulation) algorithm delivers, anatomically accurate images of a patient’s own body — in 3D.

Axis Three for Breast Simulations

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Axis Three's 3D Simulation Platform for Breast Simulations enables surgeons to visually communicate and collaborate on the outcomes of breast procedures by using the patients own image presented in photo-realistic 3D.

Axis Three for Facial Simulations

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Axis Threes 3D Simulation Platform for Facial Procedures delivers the most precise, interactive 3D simulation experience to show patients possible outcomes of cosmetic facial procedures. Click here for more information about Axis Three Company.